Angular 16 Preview: TakeUntilDestroyed

Angular 16 will be released next week, and this new version will be big. I will cover most of the new features of Angular 16 for the next few days.

One of the simple but handy features shipped with Angular 16 is a newoperator for RxJs Observables:takeUntilDestroyed.

We have covered several techniques toautomatically unsubscribe from Observablesin this newsletter.

takeUntilDestroyedwill make all of it easier than ever:

And that’s it! That one operator will take care of automatically unsubscribing fromdata$when the component/pipe/directive using it is destroyed.

Signalswill be the most significant addition to Angular 16 (as a developer preview – for now), and as a result, I’m about to launch a short course on Signals. If you’re interested in beta-testing that course (for free!), please respond to this email to let me know.


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